Jessica J Arno




 Samuel Harcourt

army flight medic

I was a part of FM11 as a SGT in the US Army to learn to be a Flight Paramedic. A part of what it means to be a Flight paramedic is having critical thinking for all patients, young and old, being the best you can be for the sickest of the sick. Ms. Arno understood this and took it to heart. She went above and beyond to ensure the class had a strong grasp on all subjects. Where she especially excelled and provided more insight then anyone else in my medical career is in neonates and female reproduction. I am forever grateful for her tutelage and know, that directly because of her, I am a better Flight Paramedic.

Carl Hudson HFD.png

Carl Hudson

Captain Helotes Fire Dept.

I believe you were one of the best instructors we had ever had and always admired how you managed to put up with a bunch of firemen. There were some that I’m sure pushed your limits and you always managed to maintain. Always very patient and tried to keep us positive and moving forward.


Jeremy hall

army flight medic

Jessica is an incredible instructor. During my time in her class, she was always professional and very knowledgeable. She was part of a great group of teachers that had the ability to take 2 years of instruction and condense it into 8 short months. She has an innate ability to keep all her students intrigued. The way her students were all able to retain the vast amount of information given was absolutely astonishing. She was and will always be there to provide guidance and wisdom to all of her students, past, and present.


Bryan Z.jpg

Bryan Zuberbueler

army flight medic

In regards to the teachings and instruction of Jessica Arno:

Back in 2014, I was in a paramedic course being taught by The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio where Jessica was an instructor. I' am currently serving as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Seguin Fire Department in Seguin, Texas, a Combat Medic Specialist with The Texas Army National Guard, and a S.W.A.T. Medic for the Hays County S.W.A.T. Team..

Out of all the instructors I had during the year long paramedic course, I can honestly say that Jessica was by far the most confident, well spoken, well organized, and passionate instructors I had. When I first started the course, my knowledge on OB/GYN was minimal at best, and OB/GYN patient's were not the patients I felt confident in treating, especially in the middle of a stressful emergency setting. But after the teachings of Jessica on OB/GYN, I feel more confident when I have a emergency call involving a patient who is having an OB/GYN emergency.

Jessica had a way of teaching OB/GYN that made it easy to remember the material. When it came to taking the paramedic class final and the Paramedic National Registry Exam, all the OB/GYN questions were answered with confidence, with no second guessing myself. My test results are proof to Jessica's knowledge and instruction, since I was a first time pass on both my cognitive and psychomotor exams when it came to OB/GYN for the paramedic course.

In whatever subject, in whatever class she finds herself in front of, I feel confident in saying that Jessica will leave a lasting impression on any student.


Trey hughes

New braunfels fire dept.

My name is Trey Hughes and I am a firefighter/ paramedic for the New Braunfels Fire Department. Jessica Arno was one of my instructors when I went through paramedic school at UTHSCSA. Jessica was an excellent instructor because she was able to relate to her students, provide real world experience, and teach in a way that helped the students to remember the material for more than just a test. It was refreshing to have someone who was able to provide us with their first hand experience and knowledge in a way that kept our attention and more than adequately prepared us for real life events versus just reading off of a PowerPoint.

Brooke Elizabeth.png


 Army flight medic

I don’t deny your influence as an instructor and as someone who presented different viewpoints and wasn’t afraid to embrace change. That stuck with me, as well as your love for dogs. 


frank abac

usaf firefighter

My name is Frank Abac, I’m a firefighter for the USAF, I took Ms. Jessica Arno’s EMT-B course this past summer at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho.  Speaking for myself, and most of the class, the course was challenging.  However, Jessica was able to present the material in a way that made it less daunting.  Her upbeat personality allows even the driest content to be interesting and her stories of real-world experiences on the field linked much of the textbook material to practical and relatable use.  I definitely would recommend her to anyone who is considering an EMT/Paramedic certification.  She is down to earth and is genuinely concerned about the success of her students.  

MunnPIcture .png

josh munn

flight paramedic

Jessica Arno was one of my instructors through my Paramedic class. This class was truly a life-changing experience. There are many classes that offer the certifications that I acquired but it is the instructors who make the hours of lecture and studying worth it. Jessica was one of those special instructors. She always had a smile on her face setting a positive and happy tone for the classroom. This class was also not just a regular class as it was the Army’s Critical Care Flight Paramedic Program. She was teaching a group of Army medics which in of itself can be a daunting task, a task that she conquered with ease. 

I am a strong believer that your retention percentage is much higher when you are happy. With so much knowledge available in medicine having an enjoyable time in the classroom is an immeasurable advantage for students. Throughout my career I have been on numerous high acuity calls where I have tried to recall the countless hours of instruction that I have received, hoping to bring it forward to my hands. Truthfully, only one time has a specific instructors name come along in this process. It was a call that my service decided was worthy of the Medic of the Month award, a breech birth. 

Due to Jessica being a licensed Midwife, she primarily taught us HROB and techniques you will need in successfully treating the worst nightmare. I have always said that “I will be happy never delivering a baby.” Fate can be cruel and for me, it hit on that day. While in the adrenaline-soaked minutes of my ambulance barreling down the road and me hoping that the closest facility will magically be nearer, with a screaming mother, and her unborn child’s body dangling, I recalled Jessica’s lectures and skill stations. In this intensely stressful moment, I actually found a piece of happiness and was calm and deliberate in my actions. Realizing how an instructor was able to put me at ease during the worst nightmare call is truly amazing to me. It speaks volumes as to how instructors impact the lives of their students.

In short, Jessica Arno is one of my favorite instructors and is more than capable of saving lives through the hands of those she teaches. My class of Army flight paramedics and our patients are truly grateful.

My name is Josh Munn. I met Jessica while serving in the Army in the rank of Sergeant. I have been out of the Army for almost a year, ending my time as a Staff Sergeant and am currently working for Cape Fear Valley hospital as a flight paramedic.


Danie bevan

army flight medic 

Started my army career as a combat medic and was promoted to a flight medic and attended the Critical Care Flight Paramedic Course shortly after. I have served for 8 years with one deployment to Afghanistan after graduating paramedic school. I'm also a full time paramedic in Las Vegas, Nevada and I've been doing that for about 1 year now. When I think about Jess as a teacher and instructor it's usually in the "oh crap moment" with kids. Jess taught us to always fully assess our pts and to quickly recognize the problems which usually included oxygen and sugar. I can honestly say I am more confident as a paramedic when it comes to treating pediatric and adult pts because of Jess and the way she taught. Jess was never the power point teacher and would never just read the slides. You could tell she has personal experiences and understood what she taught. I've come across kids struggling to breathe, kids who have been shot multiple times and mom's in labor with babies trying to come into this world and I thank god I had a teacher like Jess because I know what to do in those situations even when it's scary. 

Robert Slater.jpg

Robert Slater

Army flight medic

My name is Staff Sergeant Robert Slater. I have been in the military for 20 years and a civilian firefighter/AEMT for 22 years. I am writing this testimonial for Jessica Arno. I met Jessica at the Army flight paramedic program at UTSA in 2014. I was in FM-7 class and then the FP-C course. Jessica was one of the instructors there. Jessica was a good instructor for us. The class really connected with her. Then she started the OB/GYN instruction. Jessica was able to teach the class in away that I have never had prior. I had never really understood Child birth in prior classes taken. After Jessica was done I felt completely comfortable with child birth. Many of the other students including myself thought it was the best OB/ child birth class that we had ever had. She was even more amazing teaching during the FP-C portion. Jessica is a fabulous instructor and even better person.


john krause

flight paramedic

I was extremely fortunate to have Ms. Arno as an instructor for my Paramedic, as well as my Critical Care Paramedic course, through the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. I was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army at the time, attending the Army’s Critical Care Flight Paramedic Course. During these two programs, Ms. Arno was the subject matter expert and primary instructor for the OB and Neonatal sections. 

As a certified Midwife, Ms. Arno was able to provide a higher level of instruction, applying practical experiences to her teachings. Ms. Arno also was a skills instructor for many of the practical skills stations throughout both programs. Her expertise was instrumental in my learning and a better understanding of these subjects. She was able to teach to multiple learning styles, ensuring that if a student was having difficulty understanding the presented material, she would present it in another way to where it would be understood. 

Ms. Arno is a highly motivated professional, taking great pride in her work. She has provided countless hours of instruction to members of the U.S. Army’s Combat Medics, ensuring they have the utmost ability to accomplish their mission. 

I credit her performance to my own personal success. I have completed my service with U.S. Army but, continue to serve the public as a Flight Paramedic with Gundersen Health’s MedLink Air. Having recently completed the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, I often referred back to Ms. Arno’s instruction, to help facilitate my education and successful completion of the course.  

Ms. Arno would make a great member of any educational team, as well as a professional within the workforce. 


Samantha Reyes

army flight medic

It sure does seem like it was just yesterday that I was at the schoolhouse listening to you teach about OB & pediatrics, the two medical subjects that scare me the most. When you instructed though you made those subjects less frightening. You’re knowledgeable, patient & have a way of explaining things that made the subject matter easier to grasp. I attended the paramedic refresher course last year & most everyone remembered VEAL-CHOP. Your sense of humor & approachability made you one of my, and the class’s, favorite instructors. I was in FM7, graduated the UTHSCA paramedic/critical care course in October 2014. When I attended I was a promotable E4 (SPC) & have since advanced to an E6 (SSG). I’m currently stationed in Ft. Polk, LA where I have been since graduating. I’m getting ready to PCS & am unsure of where my Army career will take me next, but I’m confident in my skills as a critical care flight paramedic hugely in part to you. Thank you so much!